Romford Man Wins Marie Celeste Trophy

In an oustanding piece of judgement, a Romford man - Philip Gaskin - wins the coveted Marie Celeste Trophy.

This astonishing feat was carried out during the Romford Royal British Legion Club Country and Western Supa Doopa Hoe Down Night on Sunday the 20th September 2009. Mr Gaskin triumphed against all odds in correctly identifying - in advance and proofed to Racing Index - the number of people who would attend the evening.

Against stiff opposition from his wife Sue, John the Bar Steward, Blind Pew and all of the several people stationed in the Top Bar for the event, Freddie Flintoff Gaskin bowled them for six by nominating the figure as zero. Yes that's right ZERO and despite this being so unlikely an outcome, Glory Boy Gaskin was right!

Interviewing him after his spectacular result, Good Man Gaskin put down his pint of IPA long enough to give us his immortal pearls of wisdom. "As a result of long and ernest discussions with my mate Laurie regarding horse racing strategies and having followed the form of the event since the off, some weeks ago. I was able to identify a trend which, applying my deep knowledge of probability theory, enabled me to correctly predict the outcome. Anyone who has attended these evenings and witnessed the ensuing throng heading for the exit could have done what I have done." A truly modest man in his moment of ultimate triumph.

The promoters of the evening, Griffin, Griffin, Griffin and Howe were not present at the time and all attempts to contact them so that they may present Go For It Gaskin with his prize, have met with silence.

Pictured is the scene from that spectacular evening showing an empty hall and an entertainer, who asked to remain anonymous, playing to NO ONE!